Play Games With Klikyball Magnets

Strong Magnets

            Purpose Of Strong Magnets

Klikyballs strong magnets are a set with rare magnetic balls that help you build geometrical designs of any shape and size. The game is not limited to making geometrical figures, you can make any creative shapes. Be it a sphere, a stress ball, a bracelet or a necklace, Klikyballs is the perfect raw material! Klikyballs are true entertainers with its ability to create endless shapes. No wonder, even adults unwind form their hectic schedule with Klikyballs.

You will not lose the enthusiasm every time you mold the Bucky balls. In fact, you can mold different shapes and sizes even after breaking the balls out of the structure. The strong magnets structure can be easily taken off and molded again to get a new structure. You can make new designs and patterns with strong magnets and give them a name.

Kliky strong magnets serve the purpose of stress balls as well. Since it can be molded into shapes you desire, it is easy to create a spherical stress ball out of Klikyballs. The strong magnets can be molded, twisted, contorted and crushed to relive stress.

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
432 $27.99 $0.13 $4.00 $55.98
648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90
Rare Magnetic Balls

          Benefits Of Strong Magnets

The strong magnets can soothe your mind within no time. In fact, magnets are found to be good for health. Klikyballs strong magnets allow you to design and mold new patterns and helps you relive your mind from stress and boredom. At every instance you create a new shape, you will be encouraged to make more and more new designs. You can make limitless patterns with Klikyballs strong magnets.

You could get your creativity flowing as it stimulates your brain. It is possible for you to create two and three-dimensional figures flawlessly. In fact, ordinary games and puzzles have a single solution and once the game unfolds, the entertainment factor will be gone. However, you will never get bored of Klikyballs as you get endless results.

You are the master brain behind every design you created. In fact, it enhances your confidence level, especially in the case of kids. Children enjoy experimenting and Klikyballs are best way to enhance their creativity, which in turn motivates them to find innovative designs. Klikyballs assist children in molding geometrical shoes, which might be useful for them in scoring better in tests as well.

Klikyballs come in different colors. You could get black, silver or gold colored balls. Choose the color you need and start making amazing patterns.